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[IP] dot hemmorages

I had my dilated fundus photo exam the other day, and the Dr. found a 
few small dot hemmorages on my left retina.  He said not to be overly 
concered about it because they can come and go in diabetics.  Well, I am 
concerned.  I've been diabetic I for 2 yrs, have been on the pump for 
most of that time and already have complications.  I really bums me out. 
 My control is not the greatest.  In fact, I feel at a loss most of the 
time.  I just bought the " Pumping Insulin" book, read a few chapters 
and it's pretty much foreign language to me.  I never have tested all of 
my basal rates individually, although I run on 6 different ones  per 
day.  I have high, high 's in the AM every morning and up and down all 
day.  I hate wearing my pump but know that it's better for me than 
shots, but I feel like if I already am manifesting complications, I 
might as well go back on shots.  Or, quit bieing so GD lazy and start 
doing the necessary things.  I'm so overwhelmed.  Just needed to vent.
Joni dx'd 2/01, age 25
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