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Re: [IP] Spreadsheet

Ryan, would you know how to put this into a spreadsheet for me?

I have an amount of insulin I want to take now, an amount I want to take
later, so a total amount, and the time I want to take it in.  I need to
make it convert the amount I want to take now to a percentage of the
total amount.  The calculation, from the example is 4.0 units (the now)
divided by 9.5 units(the total) = 42% (the percentage of the total I
need now)  . You would enter 9.0 units, then enter 5 hours
duration and then 42% immediate.

I am trying to make a little spreadsheet so that I can enter these
numbers and have it give me the percentage for the now number.  Thanks
for any help you can give me.

Judi in MI (very math challenged)
email @ redacted
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