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[IP] Re: Cozmo Trial

Thanks for the notes posted about the Cozmo trials some of you are doing.  
 Kristina's new doctor said he'd see if my insurance would pay for a Cozmo for
 He's interested in the alarm reminders for testing and insulin. At this point,
 getting her to remember to test and bolus are her biggest hurdles right now.
 her control is getting MUCH better. I'm so relieved. We have a great doctor who
we've been seeing every 2 weeks for support and advice and it's helped 
 tremendously. We have all kinds of little alarms now to help remember to test
 bolus but it'd be much more convenient if the pump did that. Also, I'm
in the high blood sugar adjustment it does.

Looking forward to hearing more,

mom of Kristina, dx at 6 months, pumping 3 1/2 years.
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