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[IP] Ketosis vs Ketoacidosis???

Hello Fellow Pumpers!!!

 Again, due to work, I have not have a chance to read my digest for a long
while. I have been meaning to write to ask a question. I did read the last
digest and noticed that part of my topic is being discussed.

 With all this Atkins dieters going around (including my partner), I would like
to know, if Ketosis is the same as Ketoacidosis? If it is, how can it be a
'good/healthy' way for the body to produce energy? I am not too happy about her
decision to do this diet. I read part of the book and it was shocking that what
this diet does is pretty much doing (I could be misreading it so medical people
out there let me know) is mimic what my body did (burn fat for fuel) before
being diagnose diabetic except that their BG do not go high.

 So, is being in Ketosis state (which is pretty much the 'induction and OWL'
phases of Atkins diet) a dangerous thing?

 I must say that the diet does seem to produce results (loose weight & inches
and increase energy) but I am concern about permanent damage like we are warned
about if we were to get into Ketoacidosis.

 I apologize if you guys just discuss this issue. Let me know if you did and I
will try to find it through the tons of un-read digest in my inbox.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx T1 2/11/02 Pumping since June '03 ( I guess it has been a year now!!!!!)
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