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In a message dated 6/3/03 9:04:51 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>>"If my bg is ok, and I am showing ketones, I don't worry. I know it is
>>not ketoacidosis."
>This is a very misleading, very dangerous misstatement.  Ketosis is NOT
>natural condition.  It may occur as part of the body's emergency back up
>system of burning fat when carb and/or insulin is not available, but it
>not an efficient or desirable situation from a physiologic 
>standpoint.  Further, ketoacidosis can be present and serious even when
>bg is normal or even low.  It's related to the balance of body salts 
>(electrolytes) and blood gases.  When those are even slightly out of sync
>there can be severe problems with many body systems, including brain, 
>heart, kidneys, etc.  No way to tell the  degree of ketoacidosis based
  Water AND INSULIN are the main treatments for ketoacidosis, but

You took my statement out of context! 
There is a difference between Ketosis and ketoacidosis! Non-diabetics can 
have Ketosis too, and you certainly wouldn't treat it with insulin! 
On the Atkins diet, one experiences Ketosis as the fat is burned. In my case, 
I have been very careful to test bgs frequently, and they are fine. I have 
been doing this for several weeks and am not dehydrated or sick!

T1 49.333 yrs., with no complications.
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