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Re: [IP] Re:pump replacement?

I've had a paridigm for about 5 weeks. Last week i started getting "bolus
stopped" messages.
To date they have been simple to clear, and start over. I called MM on
Monday, they were
concerned about the frequency of these error messages, and sent me a
recertified pump.
Its my understanding the all of the guts are replaced, and therefore they
are called
recertified. As for have my original pump back, i think it would also be a
unit as well, and i would only be getting the case back. My main concern is
that i have
a pump that is working properly, rather than being called "new"


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>     About 3 years ago I was given a choice to get the old one back or keep
>the replacement. I chose the latter but since then many things seem to have
>changed at MM.        Peter
> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 08:03:14 -0700
>> From: "Lenner, Myles" <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] refurbished pump
>> I was camping with my family in May when I received a low battery message,
>> then a bolus stopped message then an "error call the hot-line" message
on my
>> paradigm.  These messages all appeared within approximately 1 to 2 minutes
>> of each other.  Following the last message all info was dumped from my
>> I replaced the battery and reprogrammed the basals, date etc.  When I
>> the hot-line I was informed my pump (4 months old) required servicing and I
>> would get a refurbished pump as a replacement.  I was not comfortable with
>> this.  I felt that my pump should be repaired and returned.  Kind of like
>> when the check engine light on your car comes on - you take it to the
>> dealer, get a courtesy car, get your car back when the repairs are
>> Have others had experiences like this?  Did you get your pump back?  Myles
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