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[IP] xrays and the pump, etc

Just thought I would share my most recent experience. I had to go to the ER
last Monday (and for all of you in Ottawa, yes, I was one of the lucky ones
who was exposed to the suspected SARS case... that story is too long to
include here). Anyway, when I was brought to the ER, I had to have an abdomen
and chest x-ray. I was in no condition to make any proclamations about the
pump needing to come off. My partner told the doctor, who told the technician
to cover it with a lead apron. No problems. The next day, I had an internal
pelvic ultrasound (oh joy!!!). The pump was of no concern there. Later on
Tuesday afternoon, I had to have a head CT, and an abdominal CT. I asked the
technician if he wanted me to remove my pump. He indicated that I could leave
it on as long as my tubing was long enough to allow him to place the pump
above my head so that it would not go in to the scanner. If that was not an
option, I think I would have removed my pump without question. It took a total
of five minutes to do the scan, and if the MiniMed manual says it should be
removed, I'd remove it. If something were to happen to the pump because you
didn't remove or cover it with the lead apron, well, it might be a way for
MiniMed to void the warranty. I'm not saying that they would, but, that is
something that would make me a little paranoid. I don't have the cash to
replace a pump. Ahhh.. just realized that people might have questions about
the SARS comment. Well, it was a false alarm, so the four days I spent in
voluntary quarantine were in vain.


"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" - John
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