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Re: [IP] Re: Cozmo trial

I got my Cozmo yesterday, and played with it quite a bit since then. I've used 
 the Disetronic HTron+ for the last four years, and decided it was time to get a
more full-featured insulin pump.

So far, I'm really impressed with the Cozmo. I am meeting with my sales rep 
 tomorrow to get the software for it, and can't wait to be set up to program the
pump from my computer. I am trying to schedule a training appointment now, 
which they insist you do before using the pump.

Since I'm a current pumper and I consider myself to be very technically adept, 
I'm very tempted to start using it on my own, but I know I wouldn't hear the 
 end of it from the trainer and the team at my clinic. I suppose a few more days
won't hurt.

 Anyway, this pump looks fantastic! The menus are very easy to get to, the touch
 bolus is very straightforward, the vibrate function is a huge benefit, and it's
very lightweight.

More to come after I get everything hooked up....

Matt Braun
Minneapolis, MN
Type 1 since '93, pumping since '99
> Well, I'm finally doing my home trial of the Cozmo pump.  It's a lot
> different than my MM Paradigm but they both have some features that I
> like a lot.  So far, this one has the great feature of not letting you 
> (or at least making it pretty hard) to over-correct yourself.  For me,
> that would probably be the biggest selling point.
> The display is kind of small and although I thought the Paradigm was
> harder to read then the 508, the Cozmo seems even harder to read.  The
> letters seem really tiny.  Plus, the light button seems hard to get to
> come on, but I think I might have one of the older pumps and it might be
> easier in the newer ones.
> This is only my second day and I have it for a week, so I'm sure I'll
> have a better idea of a comparison of the two later on.
> Judi in MI
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