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Re: [IP] RE: I caved

> On the other hand, she is a wonderful happy, normal, active high
> school freshman. Her site fell out during field hockey practice
> today and she entertained the whole team by inserting her site while
> sitting in the middle of the field. I am so proud of her. But I
> would sure like to fine-tune those basals. Oh well.

Take what you can get in the way of success. I faced the same dilemma 
with Lily at that age. I finally resorted to occasional "tweaking" of 
basals based on the overnight paterns instead of trying to do a full 
fledged basal check. It worked pretty well and a "wonderful happy, 
normal, active high> school freshman. " just like you do.

Your child sounds confident and in control  -- much better than other 
possible scenarios. 

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