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"If my bg is ok, and I am showing ketones, I don't worry. I know it is not

This is a very misleading, very dangerous misstatement.  Ketosis is NOT a 
natural condition.  It may occur as part of the body's emergency back up 
system of burning fat when carb and/or insulin is not available, but it is 
not an efficient or desirable situation from a physiologic 
standpoint.  Further, ketoacidosis can be present and serious even when the 
bg is normal or even low.  It's related to the balance of body salts 
(electrolytes) and blood gases.  When those are even slightly out of sync 
there can be severe problems with many body systems, including brain, 
heart, kidneys, etc.  No way to tell the  degree of ketoacidosis based on 
blood sugar alone.  It's true that ketoacidosis with high blood sugar 
is  even more dangerous, as significant brain swelling may be 
associated.  That swelling is the most common cause of death in 
DKA..  Water AND INSULIN are the main treatments for ketoacidosis, but they 
must be given with a full understanding of all the biochemical changes 
going on.  That can only be determined by frequent lab tests of blood chemisty.

Mother of a 17 year old, diagnosed at age 2 months

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