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[IP] Re: Healthcare increase by 2006

>I have no sympathy for the insurance companies where 35 cents of
>every premium dollar goes to "overhead and profit". While I do NOT
>advocate government health insurance -- it is a disaster in Brittian
>and Canada -- a single payer scheme where all participants are
>treated equally and charged the same rates whether or not they are in
>a "group" I feel would be much more fair and would eliminate much of
>the abuse we suffer at the hands of the insurance industry.

I agree 100%, Michael.

The system in Canada is good *if* you need a major, in-hospital 
procedure like a transplant or long term in-hospital treatments AND 
you can wait up to 2 years for a quadruple heart bypass or 6 onths 
for a routine MRI BUT if you are, like most of us, outpatients then 
you are left at the bay of the private insurance industry or whatever 
you can find on eBay.

Unless you are a senior, native Canadian or on social assistance or 
disability, nothing is covered, yet we pay as much in healthcare 
premiums (via an gross average tax rate for employed Canadians of 65% 
- incl 15% sales taxes) as those who contribute nothing to system.

Canada is a great country in many ways and indeed (IMHO) has a better 
healthcare system than most of the world but it is highly 
discriminatory to serve the wealthy and poor while those average 
income Canadians have no resource.

I seek equality in healthcare.  So ar no luck here in Canada.

Darrin Parker
Ontario, Canada

I have used the insulin infusion pump for over two years thanks to 
the support of wonderful internet friends & the 

The Pump gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of 
MDI!  Best pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2.  1st & 2nd post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 & 
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