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Re: [IP] RE: I caved

Has anyone successfully tested a basal with a 14 year old athlete? Jenny 
disconnects during field hockey, soccer, and track (having bolused ahead 
for missed basal). Then she comes home starving and eats pretty much non 
-stop until bedtime. It's usually healthy snacks and she boluses, but 
trying to get  her to not eat for several hours is impossible. I have 
high hopes for summer when her routine is a little less busy. Her bg's 
aren't bad, but  they vary a lot from day to day and I can't get a 
decent basal check in.

On the other hand, she is a wonderful happy, normal, active high school 
freshman. Her site fell out during field hockey practice today and she 
entertained the whole team by inserting her site while sitting in the 
middle of the field. I am so proud of her. But I would sure like to 
fine-tune those basals. Oh well.


Laura Shapiro wrote:

>Summer, I read your post while trying to do a late afternoon sort of test.  I
>was trying to see if my basal would hold steady until a late dinner time, from
>the time of lunch bolus.  My husband was eating Cheetos, Coffee Cake, had a
>beer, and cheese and deli meat the whole time I was simply putting off any
>afternoon snacking to see what happened.
>Then I saw your post, and I got really hungry!!!!!!!!!!
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