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[IP] CSII users had more positive perceptions of their insulin delivery system than u

Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL): The Insulin Delivery System
Rating Questionnaire (IDSRQ)
Abstract Information
Abstract Number:    1809-P
Institution:    Baltimore, MD; Baltimore, MD
Results:    To assess HRQOL associated with insulin delivery systems 152
adult patients from several clinical practices completed a self-administered
questionnaire developed for this study. Practices were selected to
patients using CSII. Study participants were 71% Type 1, 56% women, 71% CSII,
mean age = 45.9, mean DM duration = 21.9. The IDSRQ assessed perceptions of
Overall Value (satisfaction, preference, desire to change, willingness to
recommend; alpha=.63), Convenience (15 items; alpha=.93), Interference with
Activities (11 items; alpha=.89), Clinical Efficacy (9 items; alpha=.92),
(6 items; alpha=.86), Social Benefits (7 items; alpha=.75), and Affect
Balance (15 items scored as positive emotional state; alpha=.89). Patients
CSII rated their insulin delivery system more favorably than those using
injections (vial and syringe or pen) on all measures (p[lt].05); differences
in means
were more than .4 SD units for all comparisons. Differences for Overall Value,
Convenience, Clinical Efficacy, and Interference were all [ge]1.0 SD.
Multiple regression analysis (controlling for age, sex, type DM) showed that
Efficacy, Convenience, Affect Balance and Social Benefits were independently
associated with Overall Value and accounted for over half of the difference in
Overall Value associated with using CSII. Overall Value was higher for CSII
in both Type 1 and Type 2, but factors related to Overall Value differed
between Type 1 (Convenience, Affect, Clinical Efficacy) and Type 2 (Social
Clinical Efficacy). In summary, CSII users had more positive perceptions of
their insulin delivery system than users of injections. This includes not only
conventional indicators of treatment satisfaction (convenience), but also
physical, psychological, and social benefits that are the cornerstone of
health-related quality of life. Overall Value perceptions were higher in the
CSII group
as a result of previously unmeasured HRQOL factors that represent advantages
of CSII relative to other delivery systems.
Category:   Psychosocial Behavioral Medicine
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