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[IP] Re: hurting fingers


Oddly, I have found the opposite to be true.  When I change to a new 
lancet, it is sharper, and therefore requires that I go deeper to get 
any blood.  This actually makes it hurt WORSE, in my experience.  
(Obviously, YMMV!)  Usually, after my lancet is about 2-3 days old do 
am I able to, again, reduce the depth and get enough blood.  Despite 
being "duller", it hurts less. I usually only change a lancet after a 
MIMIMUM of 30 days or more.

Now, if I were comparing a new lancet at the same depth as a dull 
one...then, yes, the new one hurts less...but I just can't enough blood 
then.  :-)

>Changing lancets is also a good way to lessen the "ouch factor".
>- -Brent


I have found that testing in the same spot sort of develops a very 
slight callous.  You're right that it doesn't hurt as much..but what it 
DOES cause is that you have to go deeper to get any blood.  Going 
deeper invariably means it hurts again, so there is no benefit to 
purposely "callousing" your fingers.

>- --- margo2 <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I had a diabetes nurse tell me one time to pick one finger and use 
>it only.
>> It gets really sore but you build up a callus and then it doesn't 
>hurt and
>> you still get plenty of blood.
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