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[IP] How does exercise use glucose w/o insulin?

Well, Marianne, you're really good at extrapolating :-)  But I'm not 
sure anyone can say yes or no to your speculation.  However, it is 
fairly well known that both the muscle cells do upregulate their 
insulin receptors with exercise.  So it is in fact the same cells 
that just need less insulin.  The unknowns are how this upregulation 
is accomplished, and there is a good bit of research in this area.
   Why non Ds lose weight when they exercise is also pretty 
complicated if you try to look at the cellular mechanisms.  But from 
a simple energy balance, if you take in the same amount of food 
energy, and your body expends more physical energy, that extra energy 
has to come from somewhere.  So you metabolize some of the body 
stores of energy.

After exercise, and often long after, the cells
just need less insulin concentration to transport the same amount of
- - -wayne
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  I've got that part ... what I'm wondering is 
why. I thought that maybe muscle
cells are using the insulin instead of fat cells and muscle cells require less
insulin (hence lean muscle consumes more calories than fat even when 
the body is
in a resting state). I also don't think that it can be that glucose is being
taken in by the same cells just using less insulin because there must be a
reason that non-D people lose weight when they exercise and eat the same amount
of calories(obviously b/c they make less insulin - but if their BG is at the
same level, those calories must be metabolized somehow)  Marianne>>>>>>>
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