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Re: [IP] How does exercise use glucose w/o insulin?

Ragnar Hanas has a good explanation for this in his book
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults,
pg 165. Simply put, exercise increases the (body's/muscle cells')
consumption of glucose without increasing the need for insulin.
It helps keep the door open for glucose to enter the cells for a
longer period of time (and thus more glucose gets transported
into the cells). However, insulin must be available or else the
muscle cells can't take up the glucose (but less insulin may be
needed than normal).

Marianne said:
I've got that part ... what I'm wondering is why. I thought that
maybe muscle
cells are using the insulin instead of fat cells and muscle cells
require less
insulin (hence lean muscle consumes more calories than fat even
when the body is
in a resting state). I also don't think that it can be that
glucose is being
taken in by the same cells just using less insulin because there
must be a
reason that non-D people lose weight when they exercise and eat
the same amount
of calories(obviously b/c they make less insulin - but if their
BG is at the
same level, those calories must be metabolized somehow)
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