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Re: [IP] Glucowatch G2 Biographer

Dotty, I'm sorry to hear that! We just got the G2 Biographer for
our 12yo daughter on Friday (insurance didn't pay for it but
we're working on that.) Ours was $878 with 16 autosensors and the
$60 software. We plan to use it ~4 (maybe up to 8) times per
month. So far we've only used it once but it took readings for
slightly over 12hrs. We got 65 readings (55-60 is average, out of
76 possible readings, according to the G2 patient info) - not bad
at all. I got a little nervous when we couldn't get it to
calibrate the first 3 times (since it shuts itself off after 4
attempts)...but on the 4th try it finally worked. I think what
made the difference for us was that after the 3rd attempt, we
skipped 2 calibration opportunities and just had Shannon sit
quietly watching tv, making sure not to move that arm around too
much, and also made sure she was not too hot and sweaty. The
manual suggests doing this but I thought she was being
inactive/cool enough the first few times - but maybe she wasn't.
:) Anyway...next time I'll just do it that way 15-20mins before
the first attempt! Before you send the watch back you might want
to try doing that. Also, the farther away from the wrist, the
less you sweat, so maybe moving it further back on the arm would
help (also make sure there is no hair, as it can't get a good
signal.) By the way, after it calibrated she went on about her
business and never had anymore problems with it, other than a
skipped reading here and there. She wore it from late in the
evening (after supper) into mid-morning the next day, so she
slept with it on too (no small feat there...she was in a warm
room and not only does she get sweaty when she sleeps, she moves
around a lot too...I was impressed that it kept going). We were
very happy with the amount of info we got from it (I'm sure our
endo will be too, when he sees it). I hope it stays that way! :)

Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon-12.5, dx 11/96, pumping 11/99,
and 7 other blessings :)

Dotty said:
I recently ordered the Glucowatch due to hypoglycemia
unawareness.  I have nothing but trouble with the watch which
cost me $1000.00.  I am unable to calabrate.  Is the watch
extremely sensetive to persperation?  Any advice?
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