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Re: [IP] adkins diet

When in state of ketosis, your body is using its own fats/muscles for fuel.
My Bg was 96 with trace ketones.  Dr. was not happy but did say it probably was
 ketosis. Exercise is a must so that fat will be burned, not muscle. Carbs do
their place.
 Ketones in urine with high Bgs is a sign your body does not have enough insulin
move glucose into body cells, dehydration goes along with it.  Lots of water to
 pee out high Bgs, and keep water in body cells, & more insulin needed to get
into body cells-- as I call it, body eating self, not enough carbs in diet for
them to be used as fuel first.
 It is almost like a Type 2 (who usually has excess insulin in body) gets state
ketosis, a Type 1 (little or no insulin) gets plain ketones. Linda

> some were on the Adkins diet....
> did it make you spill ketones and if it did what did you do about it???
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