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Re: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm vs deltec vs ???

On 6/30/02 11:05 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> what is the real list of pumps that i need to consider?  how do i get the
> pros and cons and costs of my choices.   i need to get a pump.  any comments.
> is one more appropriate for certain patients vs the other.  i have cobra ins
> now but in a year who knows.  i would be happy to post the results of my
> research.  HELP!!!

Everyone has preferences, but they are all personal.  I can't say that one
pump is better than another, just different.  It is best to go through a
trial of each pump to decide which one you have your own preferences for.
Call one of the companies (not Minimed) and ask to try out their "loaner"
pump with Saline.  You DON'T want to try them with insulin, that would only
complicate and confuse the whole situation.  Instead you will infuse the
Saline solution as though it was insulin and you'll get an idea of what you
would do each day with the pump.

I had said earlier to NOT contact Minimed first.  I have found their reps to
be so heavy on sales and negative on the other pumps that they tend to skew
peoples minds in the wrong direction.  Their really isn't any "bad" pump.
Just ones that you might like better than others.  Each one has its
"features", but so often those "features" can be duplicated on another pump.
I only mentioned that the Paradigm was really not suited for you because I
don't think that many people are really suited for it.  Someone with very
low TDI and an "on-the-go" lifestyle might benefit, but I still think there
are questions about its "water tightness" and if waterproof is what you are
looking for you are paying WAY too high a price for that feature.

For comparisons of the pump, go to:


This page does not yet have the Deltec pump listed, though they will be one
of the first sites to have information available once it receives its FDA
approval.  From talks I've had with Deltec, that might be within the next
month  (FDA, you know....)

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