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Re: [IP] animas vs minimed paradigm vs deltec vs ???

what is the real list of pumps that i need to consider?  how do i get the 
pros and cons and costs of my choices.   i need to get a pump.  any comments. 
 is one more appropriate for certain patients vs the other.  i have cobra ins 
now but in a year who knows.  i would be happy to post the results of my 
research.  HELP!!!

 Al Jessen <email @ redacted>
 I am a 51 yr old male, T1. I currently take 43 units Lantus split dose,
Humalog 25-35 units per day, 6x shots. My average bg scores are 220. h1ac's 
9+ for 10+ yrs. I take 45mg Actos, 80 mg Zocor, 40mg Accupril, 25mg 
Hydrochlorothiazide.  I used to take 150 units insulin per day on R & NPH 
with ave scores around 280.  i hydrofoil which is an extreme water sport 
which i do 2x per week x 52 weeks.  (see foilfreaks.com) i'm currently have 
some coughing problems which i understand is a side effect of actos and also 
of accupril.

Do the math.  Changing sets and tubing and cartridges every 2 days accounts 
for an additional $2,500 (approx) in expense a year when using the Paradigm.  
You might rather compare the Animas with the Deltec to be fair.

(who thinks EVERYONE should compare the pumps)
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