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Re: [IP] yikes :-(

>True, but if you have continuous coverage and you can prove it then they 
>cannot by federal law apply preexisting for anything. Fran PS. I think we 
>are all pretty much on the same page except for days one can lapse 
>insurance if any.

I agree.  So, the original statement was that the person couldn't afford 
COBRA and I think we are all in agreement that if you can possibly swing 
it, that's the best way to go.  Only other choice I can see would be to 
check into Medicaid.  For an aside, my husband gets no insurance coverage 
after he retires, but the company allows a retired employee to keep their 
existing insurance as long as they pay the premium.  Right now his coverage 
(which is excellent coverage) costs about $900 per month.  We have already 
decided that that's a price we have to afford, not only because of my D, 
but as we grow older, health insurance becomes even more necessary.  YMMV.

Also, the web page that Jan (J & E) posted is excellent for checking 
insurance rules for your state.

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