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[IP] Diabetes Story

Katherine- thanks so much for sharing your online diabetes essay.
Itis simply the best I've ever read on what it's really like living with 
Type I diabetes for so many women and all those things nobody ever talks 
about like eating disorders etc.  Your dead on honesty, your trials and 
triumphs, make me feel understood.  And like you, it's something I could use 
more of.  I know there's a shorter link but I copied the above off the page. 
  I printing the article and giving to everyone who asks me, "Can you eat 
that?" and "What's your blood sugar now?" and another favorite hot on the 
heels on my latest medical complication, "It's probably because you've 
abused your body so long."
So few people realize that even if everything is done 'right' (by their 
standards-lol!) it's a disease that doesn't hinge on Hershey Bars.  (Oh 
yeah, don't get me started-lol!)  Please post that link again for all those 
who missed it.  And thanks.

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