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[IP] Re: For those who hate finger sticks

I recently got a One Touch Ultra meter that uses a special lance device for 
the arm.  The lance device has a plastic circle that the lance passes 
through.  The circle in the plastic is designed to help blood rise to the top 
of your arm when you stick yourself.  This would be a suicide hit on a finger 
but is virtually painless on the arm and creates a small drop of blood that a 
regular finger lancet cannot-It does so with the pressure you apply while 
pushing down on the lancet device during the "stick".  My fingers are now 
healed and the ease of testing my BS'gs has never been easier.  It is, on a 
scale of 1-10, a pain of about 1 compared to 7 or 8 when sticking a finger- 
It creates a lot less of a mess and my wife does not miss the wiped off blood 
drop stains I always had on my jeans and socks (a guy thing) This meter is 
awesome with a 5 second result and to those of you looking for a small meter, 
I'd suggest it over all others.  (So does BB King!) Also, I got mine FREE 
from my diabetes educator in Denver.  The blood sticks draw blood up in them 
so the need for blood is very little compared to the old one touch strips.  I 
test 12-14 times a day and never get worked up over it.  My insurance has 
approved up to 360 sticks a month, more if needed.  I use the top of my lower 
arm just below the elbow- Between Novalog and the Ultra One Touch meter, my 
life these days is a lot easier- 

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted    
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