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Re: [IP] yikes :-(

>>Pricey or not, COBRA is a bargain.  Most likely any new job with benefits
>>will consider your DM a pre existing condition.
>FYI..  no insurance can denie coverage for a "pre-existing" condition.  ;-)
As long as you have continuous coverage.  I think but not certain you can go
1 or 2 days without.  Once you without Medical Insurance then preexisting
applies. Fran

My hugsband has been w/o a job since mid April, 2002 and we are now on COBRA
at $510.27 a month. It *is* pricey, BUT we just cannot be w/o insurance
coverage. We were given a letter from the insurance co. (calling it a
*certificate*) to show a future employer that we indeed have continuous
coverage through COBRA so we cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing
conditions. This will cover anything we have been treated for in the
previous 6 months before a new coverage. hmmmmm - just about everything I
have has been treated in the previous 6 months.

It reads: IMPORTANT: This certificate provides evidence of your prior health
coverage. You may need to furnish this certificate if you become eligible
under a group health plan that excludes coverage for certain medical
conditions that you have before you enroll. This certificate may need to be
provided if medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or
received for the condition within the 6-month period prior to your
enrollment in the new plan. If you become covered under another group health
plan, check with the plan administrator to see if you need to provide this
certificate. You may also need this certificate to buy, for yourself or your
family, an insurance policy that does not exclude coverage for medical
conditions that are present before you enroll.

The certificate has the dates of effectiveness and other pertinent info for
future enrollment.

I do believe there cannot be a lapse of more than 63 days to do the HIPPA(?)
thingy Brian is referring to. Otherwise, it's just not worth the risk of
going w/o coverage and *hoping* for the best. (~_^)

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