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RE: [IP] Novolog

I had trouble with a site going bad earlier tonight. .....
So I gave myself an injection and changed out the site.  I took that
injection at 8:45 pm and my bg didn't
start to come down until 11:15 pm.

	Any of the "fast acting" insulins do start to work quickly, however, we
don't get to see the results when we test our blood for at least two hours
after we take the insulin.

	I have found that when I have a bad site and have a high, I need to inject
the insulin as it starts to take effect much more quickly.

	I also leave the old site in so that all of the insulin that was pumped in
can be absorbed and don't take it out until I get back to a normal blood

	Whenever I have a problem with highs and I'm tired, I go into the den and
have an alarm clock there.  I set it every hour until I start seeing that my
b.g. are coming down.  I know it is a pain in the butt to do this but I know
there are times I can't keep my eyes opened and would rather wake up every
hour than try to stay awake.

	Hope this helps.

	Kathy B.
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