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[IP] Re: free meter

At least a year ago, we were mailed a Precision Xtra. (That's the meter that 
allows you to test ketones, too.) We were using a Glucometer Elite XL and 
were very happy with it. Since the Precision Xtra did not come with strips, I 
just left it upstairs in the box.

This week my son started YMCA camp. On Thursday, they went on a field trip to 
a little nearby amusement park. He had all his supplies and the cell phone 
that he uses to stay in touch with me in a very small backpack. He took it 
off while on a ride and someone took it. Counselors, ride operators, etc., 
searched and searched but could not find the bag. 

Soooo, without the Glucomter Elite XL, I decided to call my doctor and have 
him call in a prescription for the Precision Xtra strips. We used it for two 
days and loved it. But I dropped it and it registered a "fatal error." I 
called customer service and they sent me another free meter, knowing we had 
received the one that broke for free. The customer service rep was very, very 

I also like this meter because it has a memory of previous tests, one-week, 
two-week and four-week averages and a backlight that allows you to test in 
the middle of the night or in a movie theater without a flashlight.

If you're interested in this type of meter, you should call them. Based on my 
experience, I think they would send you one for free.

Janice, proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 8, pumping with a Disetronic 
HTron since July 2000
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