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[IP] KOMO program on diabetes

I did not watch this particular program but there was another one on on 
Monday on Northwest Afternoon that was very informative.  I think overall 
they are doing a good job of trying to educate the general public.
type 1 3/83
pump 3/98

> Did anyone in the Seattle area watch the KOMO special on diabetes
> tonight?  What did you think?
> I thought it was informative and accurate overall.  They did make one
> big misstatement right at the beginning, saying (paraphrased), "the one
> thing all types of diabetes have in common is a lack of sufficient
> insulin production".  Okay, technically I suppose an insulin resistant
> T2 does not have *sufficient* insulin production even though their
> insulin levels may be very high  (if they had "sufficient" insulin,
> their sugars would be normal), but I still think the statement was
> misleading!
> They then went on to explain that type 2 could either involve a lack of
> insulin production or a lack of ability to use insulin properly.
> Definitely a more accurate explanation, but overall I'm not sure how
> clear the distinction between T1 and T2 would have been to someone
> watching their program who had no prior knowledge of diabetes.
> They also featured a college student at the Univ. of Washington who had
> a pump (Minimed 508).
> Anyway, interesting program overall....
> Laura
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