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[IP] Glucowatch

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 19:44:41 -0400
From: "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Glucowatch

At the risk of being blasted again:
> I just ordered the glucowatch and it should arrive early next week.
> Can a few people who have been using it tell me a couple things in their
> opinion: It's not what it is touted to be, I'm returning mine. see below
> 1.  Is it very irritating to your skin and is there on area on your arm
> better than others?
Yes it is, I wear it eccentrically on the radial or ulnar side of my arm so
it does not stimulate the radial cutaneous nerve over the back of the hand.
I also feel a stinging sensation. I used a lot of new medical devices in my
life on both sides of the sheets, This is not ready for primetime. It skips
a lot of readings and it could be from perspiraton but it might be drowning
in the fluid it sucks out of your skin.and they say wear it higher up on the
fore arm, very good except the long arm flexors and extensoors all have
their muscle bellies there and it causes rocking of he watch and skipped
readings. It also tends to stimulate some of the hand muscles which are up
that I have less of a problem with skipped reading on the top rather than
the bottom of the forearm.down on the forearm the watch is subject to
getting wet and I have frequently splashed mine with formalin so i put glad
wrap over it. It has to be removed for autopsies.

> 2. How good is it really?
I Wished mine was better, It says low when I am 400 and Lo is set to 87,
Like they say, don't take any action based on he watch, do a finger stick..
It's not ready for prime time. I also bought the software which supposdly
runs under Windows NT but it crashed, It doesn't run under Win XP or Me. So
I cannot comment, I called them and they wrere going to send a new version
( in computer speak htat means more bugs but shuffled around). I have not
seen it. Unlike the pump companies they have no system for knowing who you
are from phone calls and they don't keep track of your insulin use (pump,
multi injection, single injection).I am not happy.:-(


> 3.  Are you happy with it..is it better than taking finger pricks every 2
> hours? no, i can depend on my meter this is a guessing game.
>Ok folks Thats my news. As a physician it is not ready. For an instument of
its cost it is very cheaply made. The buttons get stuck undedr the shroud.
Please send the hate mail to me directly rather than share it with everyone.
This unbiased and i have stock in cygnus because i thought this would be a
breakthru, instead its a breakdown.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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