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[IP] Re: Free Meter

>My question is this - while I was scanning topics here on meters, I saw 
>one post that basically said "call the company that makes the meter that 
>you want, they make enough money off the strips, they'll send you the 
>meter for free" (I apologize if I'm mis-quoting someone). Has anyone here 
>ever done this and pulled it off? Details please! Tina

I was only successful once in getting a free meter directly from the 
company.  The AccuCheck rep told me at a diabetes fair that AccuCheck was 
offering a "buy a box of test strips get a Compact meter free" at CVS 
drugstores.  When I went to a couple CVS drugstores in my area, neither of 
them had the meter in stock or even knew about any free deal.  When I got 
home, I called AccuCheck and explained the situation to them, they sent me 
a free meter and box of cartridges.  I've gotten free LifeScan Ultras once 
from the LifeScan rep at a diabetes fair, and once with the "buy 100 strips 
get one free" deal.   A lot of companies periodically have the "buy 100 
strips get a free meter" deal.  In fact, a store near me right now is 
offering the Compact free if you buy one box of cartridges (the Compact 
uses cartridges rather than individual test strips).

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