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[IP] KOMO program on diabetes

Did anyone in the Seattle area watch the KOMO special on diabetes
tonight?  What did you think?

I thought it was informative and accurate overall.  They did make one
big misstatement right at the beginning, saying (paraphrased), "the one
thing all types of diabetes have in common is a lack of sufficient
insulin production".  Okay, technically I suppose an insulin resistant
T2 does not have *sufficient* insulin production even though their
insulin levels may be very high  (if they had "sufficient" insulin,
their sugars would be normal), but I still think the statement was

They then went on to explain that type 2 could either involve a lack of
insulin production or a lack of ability to use insulin properly.
Definitely a more accurate explanation, but overall I'm not sure how
clear the distinction between T1 and T2 would have been to someone
watching their program who had no prior knowledge of diabetes.

They also featured a college student at the Univ. of Washington who had
a pump (Minimed 508).

Anyway, interesting program overall....

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