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[IP] Insulin usage per day

I also have high insulin resistance and use a bit over 100 units a day. I recently got on Lantus and Novolog after being on NPH and regular and my dosage went down by about 10 percent.  Also, when I switched from animal insulin to Humilin a few years ago, my insulin usage went up, especially the NPH, and I gained about 20 pounds that same year. I figure my body resists my own human insulin more than it resists animal insulin. My C-peptide results indicate that I produce plenty of my own insulin.

Fred G.

> > > Bobbi,
> > > You may not believe it but I use anywhere from 150 to 250 units of
> Insulin
> > > per day and am type 2.
> > >
> >
> > Wow, that's a lot of insulin!  Not that I don't believe you....a couple of
> > years after I was diagnosed (at age 10) my insulin dosage went up to about
> 70
> > units per day ( I weighed about 65 lbs).  Now I use less than 30 units
> most
> > days. It just made me curious tho......are there others out there who use
> > that much insulin per day?
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