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Re: [IP] Generic insulin

On 6/28/02 11:51 AM, "Sharon Brousseau" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I recently received a letter from the Eli Lilly company stating it was not
> safe to switch from their brand of insulin to generic insulin like ReliOn from
> Walmart - I think. I know that ReliOn doesn't make the generic equivalent of
> Humalog that I use in my pump but it would be nice if they would. I know it
> takes ?twenty years? to get generics.
> Are they writing this notice to scare people away from using generics or is it
> true that generics are not safe? I think if Eli Lilly wanted to keep people
> buying their meds, they need to keep their prices Down! Sharon B.

I got that letter today.  The Title on it was  "Lilly's response to the
recent actions of some pharmacy chains to switch Lilly insulin patients to
Novo or private label (i.e. ReliOn) insulin."   I didn't know that I was a
patient of Lilly's?   And there really was nothing about "generic".
Besides, the only maker of "generic" that my insurance recognizes stopped
producing about 38 years ago.    :>)

I look upon the letter as a bit of "Insulin Bashing", though it does have
some merit.  One should be "careful" when changing brands and it shouldn't
be done without the patient being fully informed of possible outcomes.  But
saying that "the brand of insulin is carefully selected by your physician"
makes about as much sense as NPH.  Easy choice for the Doc, hard road for
the patient.  So choose the insulin you like, but be careful!

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