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Re: [IP] Gram Scale

On 6/28/02 6:13 PM, "Rosalie Barsky" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I just received word that my insurance approved a pump for me and I will be
> getting an Animas pump  next Monday.  Now it's time to get really serious and
> all sorts of questions are popping into my head.  One of the things I am
> curious about are scales that measure grams.  I had one in 1964 when diagnosed
> but haven't used one in years. I do carb counting but I estimate and read
> labels.  This has generally worked for me for years.  How many , if any of
> you, use a gram scale?  I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who does and if it
> really makes a difference in your management on a pump.  Thanks alot.
> Rosalie

In the morning I am less sensitive to insulin, my ratio is 1 unit to 6
grams, so I am sensitive to differences of grams with breads and such.  (how
much do those donut holes weigh, anyway?)

By lunch I'm to my usual ratio of 1 to 10 and things can be estimated or at
least counted in ounces.   I do find that gram scale extremely useful in the
mornings!     :>)

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