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[IP] Re: dioxin, pcbs as a cause of iddm

>Ok I live in Alabama where the area is contaminated with PCB's and Dioxins.
>My main question is could of this of caused my sons diabetes.  I know that
>the United States Veterans Administration says it can cause type II and it
>can also harm somebody if they are having a hard time trying to control
>blood sugars makes it harder to get under control is what im trying to say.
>And the pedo endo my son goes to said im surprised there are not more
>sueing them..there is a big law suit against them now (Monsanto/Solutia is
>the company)....

Of course, the last sentence says it all. I worked for years with dioxin and
PCB's I got diabetes for immunological reasons, I got Coxacki B virus and my
T-cells got confused and sent a message to my Killer T cells, should I sue
my immune system for failure to recognize the diff between coxacki antigen
and glutamic acid dehydrogenase. and my parents for giving me the iddm gene
and making me HLA type 1. How come electric railway workers don't get it,
they are constantly exposed to both. Grow  up in the northern areas of
Finland there are no dioxin sources or pcbs. It is cold high up in the
mountains. There is a very high incidence of iddm people there tend to be
not very good about outsiders either. In breeding is possible over the
years. My former significant other was from there and got iddm at age 7, her
sister got it at 3, her mother has none, her father has type 2, her aunt got
iddm at 12.
I studied their dna when i was at Rockefeller and found IDDM genes matching
other kids from that area. cells provided by national ministry of health,
helsinki.  No one knows if dioxin does anything.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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