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Re: [IP] Glucowatch

1.  Is it very irritating to your skin and is there on area on your arm
better than others?

This seems to vary from person to person.  I've talked to a few users who 
have had no irritation at all.  I've found that I have a little more 
irritation on the undersides of my arms as opposed to the top.  The spots 
where you may have irritation may itch.  I've found two things that help - 
one is called Florasone Cream, the other is called Vitamin E Therapy 
(contains vitamin E, tea tree oil, and lavender oil).  The oil in particular 
is great in aiding the healing process.  The Florasone helps reduce the itch 
if you let the area get a little dry.

2. How good is it really?
This is the first version and it's not perfect BUT it is a very helpful 

3.  Are you happy with it..is it better than taking finger pricks every 2 

Okay... BIG red flag here...  The Glucowatch DOES NOT completely replace 
your finger stick testing.  All the literature (and the test questions that 
you had to answer before you could order the watch) clearly state that.

Most likely, the watch will also never have the same reading as a finger 
stick test.  Why?  The watch takes multiple samples over a 15 minute period 
and then averages them together for the result.  I've found that the watch 
readings are 'in the same ballpark' as my finger stick tests.

This is a tool to monitor trends and help make adjustments in your care.  
I've found it very helpful in adjusting my basal rates and their timing.

Yes, I'm happy with it.


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