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[IP] Sweetner Alternatives

I was out shopping today and thought that I would pass along some 
potentially helpful info.  I've started avoiding articial sweetners 
(saccharin, aspertame, etc) and in my search to come across an alternative 
that wouldn't mess with my Bg's, I found Stevia - and LOVE IT.

Stevia is a plant, the leaves are 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, it is 
heat stable (so you can use it for cooking and baking), and is all natural.  
>From a homeopathic standpoint, it is actually used to help regulate blood 
sugar levels, lower elevated blood pressures, and aid in dieting.

There's lots of great information online if you search on "Stevia."  There 
are also many stevia products, the best that I have found is by a company 
called Kal, Inc.  They offer liquid, powder, and (VERY convenient) packets 
the same size as Equal or Sweet n' Low so you can carry some with you.

Check your local health food store or look online.  The best prices that 
I've found online so far...

Packets - http://store.yahoo.com/vitaglo/6958.html
Powder - http://store.yahoo.com/vitaglo/kal39100.html
Liquid - http://store.yahoo.com/vitaglo/kal39105.html


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