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[IP] A1C question

I had an A1C test done 1 week after starting on my pump.  I had been on 
Lantus and Novolog for 2 months prior as well.  The first week on the pump, 
my bloodsugars were much higher than they were on Lantus (just due to the 
adjustment, they have improved since).  My question is, does the A1C value 
reflect the most recent couple of weeks before the blood was drawn, or the 
last 3 months.  I have heard both.  The good news is that my A1C was 5.4!  I 
was shocked, but very excited as well.  Just want to know if this was the 
type of control I could have on Lantus, or if part of it was the pump's 
Another question is...what do people use to get that nice black ring from 
the infusion set off their skin?  I've heard from this list that alcohol can 
toughen the skin.
Thanks in advance!
dx 1986, 24 yrs old, pumping for 3 weeks w/Animas R1000 & Novolog.

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