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Re: [IP] Novolog

> I had trouble with a site going bad earlier tonight.  I had bolused
> 6.5 units to correct a high without any luck.  So I gave myself an
> injection and changed out the site.  I took that injection at 8:45
> pm and my bg didn't start to come down until 11:15 pm.  At 11:45 I
> took my bg again and I was on the rise.  I bolused with the pump and
> now its another waiting game.  I don't have any trouble with the
> Novolog unless I get really high, then I have trouble getting the
> Novolog to bring my bg down.  It seems to take so long to kick in
> when I'm bringing down a high.  By the time it started to bring down
> the high, it ran out of steam.  I'm tired, I don't want to wait
> another two and a half hours to see if this is going to work.  Any
> suggestions?

There are a few reports from our members of problems with Novolog 
similar to those reported for Humalog. Since Novolog is an 
insulin-analog as well, it would not be surprising to find a sub-set 
of people that do not tolerate it well. If your problems persist you 
might want to see if Humalog provides a better response time and/or 
gives you better control. There have not been any reports so far that 
I am aware of indicating that anyone has difficulties with both 
insulin-analogs. There are only a handful of adverse reports about 
Novolog -- to few to draw any conclusions. Those that reported have 
no difficulty with Humalog.

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