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RE: [IP] MiniMed - basals

Kathy wrote:
>>>I have a Minimed 507C and that was the only pump that medicare would pay
for.  I like it except for the fact that I can't set multiple basal rates
but after hearing all the problems with the 508 with static and other stuff,
I'm kind of glad I have the older version.>>>

Tina replies:
>>I have a 507c as well and I'm confused...  I have four different basal
rates set per each day - and I could add more if needed.>>

The confusion is because Kathy meant basal profiles - not rates. On the 508
different profiles can be set for different activity days such as weekends
are consistently different than weekdays, so the basals for those days are
in a diff. profile and can be switched without changing much. Also, *that
week* of the month can be set to a diff. profile. HTH (~_^)

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