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Re: [IP] Re: insulin usage per day

> I'm not on the pump yet (I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow morning to
> talk to him more about it), but right now I take 50 units of NPH in
> the morning and 50 units of NPH in the evening plus humalog on a
> 1/15 scale and 1 unit to bring me down 50 points with an average
> daily use of 125 humalog and NPH combined.  I am hoping that when I
> get on the pump this will decrease.  What have others experiences
> been with insulin needs reduction once starting the pump?  Thanks.
>      ~Erin

It's not uncommon to see a 20-30% decrease in insulin needs because 
you are no longer "feeding" the schedule of shots, snack, etc.... 
when the snacks go away, so do the need for the insulin to match 
those carbs.
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