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[IP] MiniMed

	I used the concept I first read about on the IP web to obtain from
MiniMed a loaner pump for the time I was on vacation.  They were very
good - exceptional - about getting the pump to me, sending it by
overnight FedEx; this was even after I told them I lived in the area and
could pick it up from them.  So, thanks to the membership for the idea.
	A question came to mind in reading the threads about sale and/or
donation of a pump.  The pump MiniMed sent was a 507c, which the MiniMed
person I spoke with said is the same as a 508 pump without the remote
control.  The punch line is that I would owe $2,500 if the loaner pump
were not returned.  While I presume that amount is both to encourage
return and somewhat arbitrary, does anyone have an image of the value of
a pump like a 507c?  Putting it another way, are older model pumps more
like used cars or older computers?
P.S.  I was the one who inquired what happened to the extra insulin i
boluse one day, which obviously was not being absorbed.  Thanks to
Michael for the general fact it is destroyed by the body and to "Spot"
for insulinaise.

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