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Re: [IP] Re: insulin usage per day

> Yes.
> I'm type 1 - c-peptide shows no insulin production - and I have been
> using 175 plus units per day. I just started using Actos and
> yesterday I only used 160 units. I really hope that I can reduce my
> total insulin use.
> Gary Marlin

I don't know which pump you're using but the next time you upgrade 
you might want to take a look at the high capacity units from 
Disetronic. They are not "quote" insulin pumps "unquote", they are 
marketed and labeled as drug infusion pumps, but will work fine for 
insulin. They come with 500 and 1000 unit capacities and are based on 
the H-Tron pump platform. There's a web site with some info at:


These units appear to be very suitable for use by people with high 
insulin resistance.


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