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[IP] Legalities of selling a pump

On 6/27/02 8:58 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> I learned absolutely nothing from the pump nurse or doctor about pumping.
> Everything you need to know is available on the internet from this IP site!
> So, no, it does not concern me in the least that people can buy an insulin
> pump without a doctor's consent!
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
I actually agree with this. BUT in the days of "Old" Medicaid, the CDE was
really plugging for me to have a pump. Medicaid wouldn't do. Not a budge. If
not for the lady in Yuba City putting the ad into the "Voice of the
Diabetic" (Nat'l Fed. Of the Blind) selling her Disetronic I would never had
had the chance to pump.

Labs came back yesterday and the doc himself called with the results. As
many of you know, I went into "Zombie Mode" when dad died last Sept.
Ignoring BGs and testing and such, only haphazardly taking boluses with
meals my hba1c in April was 9.2%.

This time, I had another one done, and it is down to 7.9% and kidneys seem
to be fine as blood and 24 hr u/a came back at 9 Microalbumin and bloods
were (Doc's words): "Awesome!".

Being legal is a point, but there's also the term that "The Law is an Ass".
I'm all for someone stuck between a rock and a hard place to take their care
into their hands. I did send a copy of my CDE's recommendation for a pump,
and also a personal letter absolving the seller of all responsibility for my
safety in using the pump, as a courtesy to her.

*I* feel that anyone who wishes to pontificate to me about the Legalities of
getting something which will help me in living a decent life can walk a
while in my moccasins and then see where they come from at a later date.

NOW, Medicaid has since upgraded my pump and buys all supplies for it. Get
this: They covered the new pump "Because you already HAD a pump".....Sheesh!
The days of having no insurance taught me about friends and old Medicaid
just made me devious.

The Artful Dodger...

Jenny Sutherland
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