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[IP] Re: pump customer service

>  One thing I really like too is that they ((Animas)) always provide you
> a pre-paid envelope so that you do not have to go to the post office and
> mail your pump in yourself and pay $25.00 plus for insurance.

I have been a Mini-Med user since '92 and have *never* had to pay one thin
dime for postage, an envelope, nor a trip to the P.O. to return anything
whether it be a pump, infusion set that was kinked, or whatever. Always a
return ppd envelope or container was provided and it was picked up by UPS or
FedEx at my door or I placed it in my home mailbox. On the occasions I have
had to mail them something that wasn't being returned after receiving a
replacement, I waited for the mailer to come to me that was sent with
handwritten #'s on it and prepaid as well. My previous pump experiences were
with CPI/Lilly and I never paid anything on returns with them either. YMMV

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