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[IP] Re: First Animas Problem

On : Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:37:49 -0700, Pete Tinker <email @ redacted> wrote:

My off-the-cuff explanation is that earlier Animas pumps were not tested 
sufficiently at elevations near sea level (I live near Los Angeles). Since 
priming involves detecting pressure against the syringe plunger, the 
greater air pressure near sea level may have caused the pump to determine, 
incorrectly, that it had primed successfully.

In any case, if you're having problems priming your Animas, and you have a 
GREEN (not a WHITE) backlight on your display, you may have a pump with the 
weaker priming motor. I'd recommend having Animas replace it.

First of all - I don't know anything about sea level, but I DO know -- the 
pump does not determine when it is primed correctly - you do that!  When 
the insulin comes out the end of the tubing - THEN it is primed correctly - 
and there is no way for the pump to know whether or not the insulin has 
made it that far.

I, too, got a new pump, in April of this year - with the new 
software.  When they explained to me what the differences were - NEVER was 
a stronger priming motor mentioned.  The differences are the color 
backlight -- and in the beeping for the audio bolus and for priming.

These are relatively minor changes.  Basically, they make the beeping less 
annoying.  But - the old pumps with the green backlight are great pumps 
too.  If there is nothing wrong with your pump, there is no reason to get 
it replaced.

This is my 2 cents worth.

Deb in Southern Illinois
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