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Re: [IP] T-2 DM

Liz wrote:
 >>>>Type 2 diabetes is a disorder of complex and poorly understood
 >origin.  It's probably no more than a catch-all for a bunch of different
 >syndromes, lumped together because they all have similar symptoms but
 >no-one's been able to determine how they differ in origin yet--kind of
 >diabetes mellitus. <snip> >>>

And followed up with:
>>Actually, DM is all of us (Diabetes Mellitus), IDDM has been used for Type
1s (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), who always depend on insulin, and
NIDDM has been used for Type 2s (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus)
whether they depend on insulin or not.>>>

Therefore, I think my *original confusion* was due to the missing words (of
sorts): --kind of like diabetes mellitus *is a catch-all phrase*. I guess I
was just hung out in the breeze and my mind couldn't finish the thought of
what was being conveyed. Sorrrrrry

Janduh (~_^)

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