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[IP] Re: Pumps for sale on eBay

<<> Is this even legal?  Inside where my cartridge goes on my 508 it 
> specifically 
> A 
> PHYSICIAN" - to me that means it may not be dispensed without a 
> prescription.
Just wondering if this concerns anyone else besies myself. >>

In Canada it is legal to buy a pump without a doctor's consent.  This is the 
thing, isn't it, a doctor's consent.  Well, how about all the people who want 
to pump and can't find a doctor to consent.  What do they do?  Suffer with 
their old regimen.  

I was all set to start Claire on a pump myself, as one endo told us she had 
to have better control first, before starting a pump.  Well that would never 
have happened.  Luckily I found another doctor (endo) who said she could 
start on a pump right away.  However, Claire's paediatrician, dead set 
against a pump, did not even bother to send the referral to the endo, even 
though he said he would.  I just booked the appointment anyhow on my own.  I 
long ago learned not to rely on doctor's for much.  However, having the endo 
write up the papers ensured 100% insurance coverage for the pump and 

I learned absolutely nothing from the pump nurse or doctor about pumping.  
Everything you need to know is available on the internet from this IP site!  
So, no, it does not concern me in the least that people can buy an insulin 
pump without a doctor's consent!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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