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[IP] Re: Insurance and your rights

In a message dated 6/26/02 9:51:28 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 


> My silly question is: Why do many people with type 2 know about type 1, but 

> many type 1s don't know about type 2?>>

     With all due respect for your experiences, this has not been my 
experience at all.  Almost every person knows someone with Type 2 diabetes.  
And these people all assume that diabetes (type 1) in your child is no big 
deal--their child's asthma is a far, far greater health problem, or  ''Gee, 
my cat has diabetes, its not such a problem'',  'Oh, my uncle has diabetes, 
he just has to cut down on sweets.  No big deal.'' or  "Why don't you take 
her to a homeopathic doctor, he will fix her right up so she doesn't need 
injections" or, my favourite, "if you pray to God more, she will be cured".
     Now I understand what you are saying, all these people making the above 
comments are not necessary Type 2s themselves.  But some comments to me have 
been made by Type 2s.  My impression is that many Type 2s are often afraid of 
having to go on insulin injections like Type 1s, so have some vague awareness 
of Type 1 and equate injections as a future possible result of "bad" 
behaviours on their part.   Perhaps some doctors use the possibility of 
insulin injections as a threat??? I don't know.  
     You cannot equate your vast knowledge of diabetes with that of the 
general Type 2 population. 
Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8, sweltering in our 98 degree heat.  
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