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[IP] bad design of the glucowatch.

If you're a Doctor, you're scaring me... none of my Docs would even try this
or suggest this to any of their patients.  Try a little tequila to wash down
that codeine next time (never mind the warning label on the Rx bottle).

Not to worry, I'm a non practicing doctor, Unless you're dead I won't see
you. I don't take any of your statements to heart.
Doctors don't suggest lots of things, even good ones because they are so
terrified, rightly so, of lawsuits.Like giving the vetinary antibiotic
levamisol to colon cancer patients and extracorporal chemotherapy.  BTW
water tight seals against the skin are possible, as in bladder and colon
diverting procedures. sealing the buttons under elastomere is done in most
pumps. I cannot wear my watch when doing an autopsy or cutting surgicals
because of its lousy design.it is a great idea but its first avatar is an
engineering nightmare. yes, I read about broken skin but i wanted to see
what happened.   i also wanted to take a small marginal biopsy and see what
light microscopic changes are in the skin. they are interesting. anyway,
don't take any of this personally, its only an opinion, none of us have all
the answers. refining things is an iterative process as many of the long
term pumpers can attest from earlier pumps like the MillHill pump or the
autosyringe. even insulins have been improved, no one uses PZI anymore.
globin zinc insulin is off the market as are all animal insulins.btw i don't
drink Tequila it reminds me of undergraduate fraternity parties and it
leaves a bad headache.
A. L. Bender, M. D., pHD
email @ redacted
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