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[IP] insulin resistance

I think someone else may have tried to ask a similar question, but I wanted
to get a more clear
answer.  With insulin resistance, what happens to the excess insulin that
the body is not
utilizing.  It is going into the body, but the body does not have the
ability to use it properly.
It is able to use some insulin, but after you have taken 150 to 250 units of
insulin of which your
body has only utilizes part, what does happen to the rest of it.  Does it
lose its integrity after
so much time or what?  I think this is what a previous poster was trying to
ask.  If your body does
not use it, where does it go?

- ----------------------------------------------------------
your body uses somepart and that is destroyed in ther kidney by an enzyme,
insulinase. in mice with type 2 diabetes, the liver binds the greater part
of the insulin as do fat cells in the body. If you destroy the insulin
binding sites on these cells by nitric oxidation, insulin resistance
disappears. The liver cells which bind the insulin become laden with fat and
insulin resistance gets worse. this insulin is missing in action. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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